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Sightseeing in the Parsha - Cholot Chalutza

The last Haftara of the “seven Haftoros of comfort” deals with the prophecy of Yeshayahu about the redemption that is destined to come in the end of days. One of the motifs that the prophet mentions as a sign of redemption is “No longer will they call you Deserted, or name your land Desolate”. It is true as the prophets said right after the start of the exile, the land of Israel is left deserted and desolate for thousands of years and despite repeated attempts of many nations to settle the holy land the land remained desolate. With the beginning of the ingathering of exiles and building up the land the settlers refounded many ancient settlements that were left in ruins when the Jews were exiled. But the greatest renewal was in the areas that were never populated before, where the words of the prophet really can into fruition.One of the strips that was completely desolate was the area of “Cholot Chalutza” which is situated in the northwest point of the Negev. The area Is characterized by Shifting and arid sand that man never succeeded to inhabit or establish flourishing vegetation. Thus for the first time about ten years ago Jewish settlers came and established a flowering and thriving strip of land with extensive agriculture and settlements that are being established and are developing at a fast pace. Those settlers that were evicted from the Katif strip which was evacuated in the summer of 5765, turned to a new mission of sprouting a desolate place and fulfilling the vision of the prophets in the strip of Chalutza and built the settlements Naveh, Bnei Netzarim, Shlumit and more.

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