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Chavruta of the Week: Amanda Marciano, Gita Margolese and Orelle Feuer

Every morning we learn with Orelle, the bat sherut, during breakfast. The book we are learning is called Living Emunah by Rabbi David Ashear. It is divided into a short daily limud. At the end of each limud there is a highlighted sentence which enhances the main point and leaves us with inspiration for the day. The book teaches us how to have complete faith in Hashem and that even when times are hard to know that everything happens for a reason even if we can't see it right now.

One lesson we each took from the limud:

Amanda- "Emunah is a powerful tool that enables us to live our lives to the very fullest."

I like this quote because it is inspirational to know that Hashem does everything for a reason and we have to have Emunah in his decisions.

Gita- "Everything that happens in a persons life, whether big or small, is caused directly by Hashem, who always does what is best for us."

Knowing that everything that happens to me is for the best gives me hope and belief that even when something is going wrong in my life or i'm thrown a challenge, there is a bigger picture.

Orelle- "It is Hashem's will that things should turn out this way, and if this is Hashem's will then this is my will as well." I try to lead my life upon this quote, knowing that what hashem determines for me is what's best for me even when it's difficult to see it sometimes.

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