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Chavruta of the Week: Sarah Moyal, Joelle Cons and Rivka Kakon

During the past week Joelle Cons and I, Sarah Moyal, learned in the kollel with the amazing Bat Sherut, Rivka. We are learning about how to get to know yourself better as a proud Jew. In the few verses that we have studied, we learn how a person needs to know his good from bad. Rav Itamar Shwartz teaches us how each body is composed of skin, blood, bones etc.… and most importantly a neshama (soul). There are two different types of people. The people who think they have a body with a soul or the people who think they have a soul with a body that protects it. We also learned that each movement and act we make we need to put our neshama into it and think of Hashem and the reasoning behind why we do the things we do. We are so happy to have the chance to be able to study every week about such an important concept and we are very excited and motivated to keep learning.

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