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Chavruta of the Week: Daniel Sternthal and Rav Yedidya Noiman

Daniel: We started learning Talmud Brachot together a couple of weeks ago. When I learn with the Rabbi I understand the Gemara from a whole new perspective. We learn it and we review over and over again. I like learning with the Rabbi because I have some trouble with the Gemara but when I learn one on one with the Rabbi he teaches it to me in a certain way that things are interesting. My experience learning with a chavruta is a great experience, and I believe it will make me more comfortable with it.

We are now learning the sixth chapter of Masechet Brachot which deals with the idea of blessing before and after eating. Eventually the Gemara agrees that the obligation to make a Bracha is clear and simple - one cannot enjoy someone else’s fruits without thanking him. Therefore we must thank Hashem, the creator of the entire world, before we take advantage of his creation. It seems that being thankful and aware of the source of our joys is a value that can be spread throughout our lives in many ways.

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