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Chavruta of the Week: Shayna Weisz and Neta Noiman

Every week, we meet to pursue a common interest: reading Hebrew literature. We read short stories and books that are well-known in Israel and that are part of Israeli culture. We recently read Mitaken Chalomot by Ori Orbach and are currently reading Hakayitz shel Aviya by Gila Almagor. The experience is a highlight of our week and connects us to the diverse culture of Israeli life.

Shayna: Reading the stories together allows me to enrich my Hebrew. Neta is open and approachable and is great at explaining the nuances and hidden meanings in Hebrew expressions and terminology that would be missed if I were reading the stories on my own. In addition, via the literature, she provides subtle insights into Israeli society and history. Neta, I am so glad you came to Montreal and look forward to continuing our weekly Hebrew literature chavruta.

Neta: I feel fortunate to have met Shayna right after my arrival in Montreal. It is so meaningful for me to learn together in our chavruta. Shayna's lovely, warm and inviting way makes it so comfortable for me to learn and improve my English and enhances my experience here.

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