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Misgav Ladach

Jacob goes down to Egypt and begins a comfortable period of life thanks to Joseph’s proximity to Pharaoh’s regime. But immediately after Joseph leaves the scene, Pharaoh changes and begins to harass the group of immigrants which is multiplying uncontrollably. Pharaoh’s struggle with the children of Israel becomes apparent when he clearly instructs the Hebrew midwives to prevent the continuity of the Jewish people by saying “any son born must be thrown into the Nile.” The midwives come out against this terrible decree and don’t comply, and thanks to their struggle and bravery, they were rewarded by having descendants who were great leaders who led the people of Israel to redemption.

With the beginning of the redevelopment of the modern city of Jerusalem, a unique and groundbreaking institution was born – the Misgav Ladach maternity hospital. The hospital was founded in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, and was well known for sophisticated and unique delivery rooms. In the War of Independence, the hospital served the fighters of the Jewish Quarter until the surrender to the Jordanian Legion. During the siege on the Jewish Quarter, the hospital was reestablished in the Katamon neighborhood of west Jerusalem, where it is still located today (now a nursing home and private hospital). After the war, the Jordanians blew up the hospital building in the Old City and this was commemorated in the name of the street “Misgav Ladach” where the hospital used to stand.

Misgav Ladach St. in the Old City of Jerusalem
current hospital in Katamon outside of the walls

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