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About Us


Launched in 1994, Torah Mitzion sends Shlichim from Israel to live and work in diaspora communities around the world with the goal of strengthening Jewish unity, identity, and pride.

The presence of KTM shlichim transforms communities, becoming an invaluable bridge between diaspora and Israeli Jews, and giving diaspora Jews a lifeline to the land of Israel and the Torah of Israel.

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Most of our staff are graduates of Hesder Yeshivot (Yeshivas in Israel that combine Torah Study & IDF Service) or Sherut Leumi (National Service) volunteers who take a year or more to live in Jewish communities around the world, bridging the Israeli-Diaspora divide and fostering lifechanging friendships and connections.

As teachers at the Kollel, in local day schools, and on university and CEGEP campuses, our staff serve as role models, demonstrating how Torah principles and learning can become a part of our daily lives. 


The Montreal Kollel is housed in the Lieberman Beit Midrash of Hebrew Academy, where the sounds of Torah learning reverberate day and night as students and adults explore the sources that have preserved our heritage and have sustained us for generations.

5700 Avenue Kellert,

Cote Saint Luc, QC

H4W 1T4

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